Friday, November 25, 2011

My etouch i300 phone just died!

It fell off about 1+1/2 feet and the glass screen cracked. Personally, I may not like it but I still felt something lost when that happened! It cost me 5K I think and it lasted less than nine months.
The only feature I like was the built in radio, but I dont listen much to stations as they lull me to sleep. There are so many design flaws in this phone, purportedly designed in Korea and manufactured in China like
  • you discover it dialed a number when you keep it inside a bag because the button portrude, losing all your paid prepaid card charges!
  • you lost battery power quickly because the ON-OFF switch turns on by itself when you put it in your pocket or inside a bag.
  • you cannot see the screen in broad daylight.
  • you cannot put a handstrap because there is no eye-let.
Goodbye, if there is any lesson learned, buy a strongly branded one, they are more rugged, better designed, and can stand accidental drops more often.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

eTouch does not have a convenient eyelet or hook for a strap! strap.

I am wondering if plumbers designe this eTouch phone. It does not have a hook or eyelet to attach a strap to it. It needs a separate cover! What do you think? The eTouch cannot be called a great phone!

eTouch touchpad has poor ON-OFF design!

You turn off your eTouch touchpad and put it in a bag. Then when you need it again, you discover the phone has either tried to call a very long number say "2222222222222....2222222222". the eTouch has a protruding ON-OFF button. this is a turn-off for those who want reliability.

Etouch easily consumes your telephone card credits!

This happened to me again! After a call is broken off by the other party, you forget to press the right RED icon at the bottom of the eTouch phone. Your phone continues the connection to your provider and before you notice it, more than 30 minutes have elapse to eat at your telphone load credits. In the Philippines, call charges are simply too high!
The eTouch should disconnect if the other party has dropped the connection. I consider this one of the worst features of the eTouch.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to my eTouch touchpad phone blog

I bought my eTouch touchpad at the 4th floor of Sm Baguio, and right now I have not fully explored the true capabilities of this 5,000 peso cellphone with wifi, dual sims and a supposedly 3 Mega pixel camera. This blog documents the exploration of this expensive smartphone.

Here is the complete specs from the site

SM 850/900/1800/1900
2.8” QVGA Resistive Touch Screen
Dual Sim Dual Standby
Bluetooth, 2MP Camera
Answering Machine, Mobile Tracker
Mp3 & Video Player (Auto Rotation Screen)
RMVB Video Player (*online video file)
1000 Phonebook, Font Size
Support up to 8gb MircoSDHCTM
3.5mm Audio Jack
Wi-Fi , Optical Mouse
Java, MSN, Facebook, Opera Mini
Drag and Drop Interface Widget
Private Menu, Slide Widget
Doc Viewer, Photo Editor
24MB built-in Memory

The phone "boasts" of being a Korean design to entice potential customers, whatever that means, but the phone itself is made in China.

I can use up to 8 Gbytes microcard which I already installed.

The camera has been supposedly upgraded to 3 MP for the local Phil. market, but let me tell you that the 2Megapixel C3 camera is very much better. My first impression is that the image quality is barely passable. I wish we can test its true resolution and we will find means to test the photo quality someday.

I can NOT yet recommend this phone as a GOOD BUY. but I will update this as we continue checking this phone.

Lets bring out this phone features in our future posts.